About Tim - Tim Grollimund

Key Largo is a great place to live.  It's the American Caribbean.  I moved here in August 2009 and have the privilege to work and play in the diving capital of the world.  In 2010 I won the John Pennekamp 50th Anniversary Photo Contest, and wrote a scuba diving column for the local paper, The Reporter for over 3 years. One of my favorite groups to work with here is the Coral Restoration Foundation.  Please check it out to see the critically important work CRF is doing to protect and preserve the reefs in the the Florida Keys.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park 50th Anniversary Photo Competition Winner

This photo contest was held during the 50th anniversary celebration of the opening of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The assignment was to show the excellence and diversity of diving in Key Largo in only six images. The winning photos can be seen by clicking on the logo to the left.

REEF Fish and Friends
I was invited to speak in 2012 and 2013 at REEF for their monthly seminar series, called REEF Fish and Friends, sponsored by Reef Environmental Education Foundation and the Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys. Both times we had a blast! I got to talk about my newspaper column, trips to the Philippines and Indonesia and my participation on the Ecosystem Protection Working Group for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  For more information about the important work REEF does, please visit their web site at www.reef.org.

My Bio
- PADI Divemaster
- Nikon School of Underwater Photography (Stephen Frink)
- Digital Immersion (Stephen Frink)
- Digital Masters (Stephen Frink)
- Winner, 1989 Beneath the Seas photo contest (Macro category)
- Winner, John Pennekamp 50th Anniversary Photo Contest
- Finalist, 2012 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists

- Diving Columnist, The Reporter
- Alert Diver Online/Immerse Yourself in Digital Master Photography Education
- Alert Diver/Military Diving
- Alert Diver/Coral Restoration Expands Internationally
- Alert Diver/Pioneers of Dive Safety
- Alert Diver/The Evolution of a Shipwreck
- Alert Diver/DAN Reaches Out in Support of Aquarius Reef Base
- Alert Diver/The Philippines
- Dive Photo Guide
- National Geographic Explorer Magazine
- Florida Bay Forever/The Everglades Foundation
- Travel Weekly/Pitching in, in the Keys and elsewhere
- OneWorld OneOcean/Ocean Stemulation: Saturation Diving
- Scuba Diving Magazine
- Rodale's Scuba Diving
- Scuba Talk; A Guide to Underwater Communication
- Diver Magazine (Canada)
- Athletix Magazine
- Nautilus Journal
- Underwater USA

Volunteer work
- Coral Restoration Foundation
- Project Coral Rescue
- Reef Ministries
- Virginia Marine Science Museum

Other credits
- Key Largo Chamber of Commerce
- Tinsley Advertising
- Monroe County Tourist Development Center
- National Aquarium, Washington, DC
- Virginia Marine Science Museum
- Nauticus, the National Maritime Center
- Ocean Encounters
- SEAS Scuba Conference

Travel Experience
- Africa/Botswana & Zambia
- Bahamas
- Bonaire, N.A.
- Belize
- Cape Hatteras/NC wrecks
- Catalina Island
- Chub Cay
- Cocos Island
- Cozumel
- Crystal River/ Florida Springs
- Dominica
- Fiji
- Grand Cayman
- Philippines/Dumaguete and Tubbataha
- Roatan, Honduras
- Indonesia/Paradise Dancer and Wakatobi
- Saba, N.A.
- St. Lucia
- St. Kitts
- Tortola, BVI 
- Vanuatu

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