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Great Day on the Spiegel Grove - biggest bait ball ever!

FKNMS posted a couple of the sponge spawning images from Deep Molasses

Coral Restoration Foundation International in Alert Diver Magazine


Here is a recent article about Coral Restoration Foundation in the current issue of Alert Diver magazine from Divers Alert Network. This is about their new effort to expand internationally. This was a fun article to do, as I dove with them to plant the first cultivated corals from the Ocean Reef Club nursery on Carysfort reef near the lighthouse.

Click the link to gp to the online version of the story: Coral Restoration Expands Internationally

Cowfish image wins Silver Addy


I just found this reference to a Silver Addy award won by Tinsley Advertising. Great to see one of my images help promote the Florida Keys in an award winning campaign. The Florida Keys and Key West campaign won 28 Addys in 2014. I am grateful to be included in the campaign.

Alert Diver Magazine: Military Diving article

MilitaryDivingPrint MilitaryDivingOnline

New issue of Alert Diver is out, and I am pleased to have an article published in the Advanced Diving section on Military Diving. Check it out online at

The Florida Keys ad on the online version is my image from Logan's Run on Molasses Reef.

Kindle Book: Anatomy of a Photo Contest


From January 2011 to April 2014 I wrote a bi-weekly column called DIVE TIME for The Reporter in the Upper Keys. Each time I wrote a column, I included a small collection of images for the editor to choose from for the print edition. The editor did not have the space available in the print edition to run all the images. I always felt a little "short-sheeted", since all the photos I selected, to me, belonged with the column. I have always wanted to republish the columns as ebooks, an include all the images. The Kindle book format will allow me to do that.

As the newspaper column developed, I became enamored with the behaviors of the critters I was spending many hours with on the reefs of the Upper Keys. As an extension of that curiosity, I ended up spending over a year as a representative on a working group for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and for a short while, was a member of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.

I spent endless hours reading the science, interviewing any scientist that would talk to me with the objective of conveying their findings to the public in understandable language. as all this progressed, I wrote more and more about the science. I see thee as a series, which I call the “Sanctuary Science Series”.

This first Kindle book is about how I got to write my newspaper column.   

I want to thank you for your interest in the ocean. It has been a great learning experience for me to find a subject, go through the discovery process by reading the science, and now, through this Kindle format, to expand on the concepts and the images from the original columns published in The Reporter.

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