These Ebooks are based on my Dive Time newspaper column in the Florida Keys.

All the Ebooks are available on Smashwords.

All of the images in the Ebooks are available here for purchase. Just click on the photo you like in the Ebook! 

Some of the Ebooks had scientific articles used as references. These are listed below the last Ebook on the page. 


Free Ebook - Get the Reef Growing!

Free Ebook - Aquarius Habitat

Free Ebook - Buoy System

Free Ebook - Yellow Singrays

A Whale of a Good Time (Maybe)

All Puffed Up

Angels on the Reef

Butterflyfish: Graceful Reef Gliders

Cleaning Stations: the Ultimate Hygiene System

Damselfish May Be More Aggressive Than You Think

Diving the Spiegel Grove... wreck or reef?

File this Fish with the Shy Group

Gentle Giants of the Reef

Hogfish Heaven?

Invasive Orange Cup Coral Silently Grows off the Keys

Let's Wake Up an Eel and Go Hunting

Look for the Fish in a Box

Oh! Those Sweet Red Lips!

Photo Tour of the Philippines

Schooling Activity is Alive and Well on the South End of Molasses

Small Wonders on Reefs and Wrecks

Snook Recover After 2010 Cold Snap

Spadefish Have to Dig Their Way Out of a Hole

The Brass Section of the Reef

The Eagle Has Landed... or Not

The Glassy Side of the Reef

The Great Hamlet Debate

The Less Traveled Reef: Going Deep Reveals Abundant and Unusual Sealife

This Goat Is a Hero

Wherever You Go, There's No Place Like Home

Wrasses: the Smartest Fish?

Anatomy of a Photo Contest

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